A little bit about myself.

My name is John Olav Westlie. Live in a small city called Rakkestad in Norway.
Population are ca 8000 people. I call myself an amateurphotographer.

I have been interested in photography as a hobby for many years, but like everything else this happens in smoke and pacifier. It can take weeks and months without the camera being used, while at other times camera allways are with me and i am takeing pictures continuously.

I have a special interest in airplanes and try to take a trip to OSL Gardermoen on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are far too few trips.

I also like to experiment with water drops, paint with light and HDR photography. Pictures of abandoned buildings and places are also very exciting.
I process the images afterwards in Adobe Lightroom or DXO PhotoLab 2.

I am a member of a photo club called Digitalkameratene. You can visit there website You can find more of my pictures there on
the site. Just click on the image folder that appeals to you.

I have passed 50 years and live with the world's best cohabitant Anne Grete. AG comes from a place called Eidsberg, and we have lived together since 2011. I have two great children. Ann Jeanett and Thor HÃ¥kon who are I am proud of and very fond of.

Since I do not work anymore and have been home since 2011 due to some chronic diseases, I have plenty of time to cultivate my photo hobby.